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Ambassador Bed

The Ambassador bed is a one-time investment that offers the premium features of velvet upholstery and a wide base for extra comfort. At Beds and Sofas, the best quality ambassador beds are offered that bring elegance and enhance the overall attractiveness of the room. The frame was created in the UK, and the heavenly beauty is brought to life by the Chesterfield upholstery. The design is simply remarkable and is available in double and king-size to suit the needs of every customer.

Ambassador Bed Hardwood Frame:

The frame includes supportive slats. The side slats of the frame, which support the base, support the foundation. To add to the opulent look and provide more support, the slats are extended on both sides of the frame. The high-quality frame is made of solid wooden material. The durability of hardwood is a positive feature for the long life of an ambassador bed. It allows passing the test of time and bearing maximum loads throughout the lifespan. Maximum comfort is provided with a solid slat base with the right type of mattress. The mattress that fits best in this frame is a 2000-pocket sprung mattress. The solid slats’ air vents permit air to circulate, which is good for both the sleeper and the mattress. Sprung slats extend the mattress’ lifespan.

Some Design Parameters of This Ambassador Bed:

Comfort is the prime concern while designing this ambassador bed. Beautiful velvet upholstery with diamond design studs for the chesterfield look enhances the appearance of your room and offers a luxurious touch. It comes with an option of matching studs as per the demand of the customers. This option is provided free of charge. The soft padding of the foam provides a feeling of comfort. It belongs to a family of grounded collections. Beautiful upholstery on the headboard adds to its comfort and support.

The Fabric Used for Upholstery:

Velvet upholstery is one of the most attractive features that make customers fall in love. Plush Velvet is used for the upholstery in this product. The softness of plush velvet gives extra comfort to the sleeper and comes under an affordable budget. Elegance and softness, both are attributes of plush velvet that combine with the mighty design of the ambassador frame. The fabric used for upholstery has a rich texture and adds to the greatness of an ambassador bed. The velvet fabric is less prone to all types of hazards. The plush velvet fabric allows complete comfort with protection against all types of hazards.

A Variety of Colours:

It comes in grey colour by default. The option to select from a large variety of colours that are available on demand still exists, though. The customers have the option to order the colour of their choice, and this option enables them to match it with the interior of their room. The customers also have the option to choose colour contrast on demand, which makes this ambassador bed special.

Special Offer for the Perfect Ambassador Bed:

Your bedroom is made grander by the imposing ambassador bed. The solid base and supportive sides are provided for the maximum level of comfort and durability. At Beds and Sofas, plenty of mattresses are available to choose from. The best quality mattresses allow sound sleep with extra comfort. The offer emphasises that there will be a significant discount on the mattress’ price if it is ordered along with the offer. The wide range of mattresses offered by us is pocket sprung mattresses, semi-orthopaedic mattresses, orthopaedic mattresses, memory foam and many more. If purchased in the same transaction, premium mattresses with a long lifespan and excellent quality are offered with a significant discount. The advantages of ordering a mattress and a bed together are that both items will arrive at the same time, saving you both time and money.

The Feature of Easy Assembly:

It has the option of simple assembly and can be fixed quickly. Instructions are provided in the instructions manual that is present in the box. Inside the box are all the components that are needed for assembly. The ability to quickly and easily open and assemble each component.

Box Items:

The high Headboard and base come in the box as a standard. Along with the ultra-low footboard, the slats for the support and bottom base are also provided. All of this comes in flat-pack packaging. The whole parts come in five boxes.

Sizes Available:

It comes in double and king-size to fulfil the comfort needs of every customer. It is the most luxurious item that adds to the beauty of the room.


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