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The plush velvet bed is a perfect opportunity to experience softness with perfect upholstery in Chesterfield design. The traditional bedding is given a more opulent appearance to increase comfort and add style. The level of comfort it provides makes it ideal for sleeping on. Customers can avail of this luxury at affordable prices for Beds and Sofas. The ability of high-quality products to withstand the test of time is maximised. It is a perfect symbol of comfort and luxury and is a great addition to your room.

Frame Quality of  This Chesterfield Bed:

The frame is durable enough to stand the test of time. The stability is provided with the help of a solid wood frame. So, the wooden frame plays a vital role in the foundation of the frame. The fine wooden frame adds to the value by giving natural aesthetics. The soft upholstery is combined with the ideal innovation and traditional experience to increase comfort. It is the ideal representation of wealth, and with the cost-effective offers offered at our shop, you can add this wealth to your room.

Moreover, slats that are solid are used to stabilise the frame. Solid slats assist in enhancing quality and comfort, which are never compromised. The wooden frame in the foundation section is essential. Thus, everything has been kept straightforward so that you can experience the allure of tradition mixed with the plushness of upholstery. Stainless steel is used to maintain the slats and increase durability. Stainless steel parts reinforce the frame without the use of nails or staples.

Perfect Upholstery of Plush Velvet for Extra Smoothness:

It has elaborate upholstery that is soft for added comfort. As a result of the chesterfield theme being used for the upholstery and its British origins, Chesterfield is a distinctive and prestigious furniture piece. It looks amazing because of the softness and royalty made possible by the ideal upholstery, which adds even more smoothness. Therefore, this product offers comfort along with traditional upholstery at a reasonable price.

Headboard of This Chesterfield Bed:

The headboard’s high-end features increase its value as a whole. So, soft upholstery with a subtle diamante design fulfills the beauty standards with additional comfort. The headboard can be altered to suit the customers’ personal fashion preferences. Its uniqueness and overall functionality are increased by the feature’s simplicity of adjustment. Thus, this headboard is ideal for resting and watching television. It comes in multiple varieties, and it is extra soft with perfect plush upholstery. The luxurious headboard redefines the royal look.

Storage Options:

It comes with multiple storage options in the form of drawers that are fully functional for managing the extras in the room. Moroever, the flawless motion of the drawers is a unique feature that enhances the utility factor and makes it the favorite for those who are short on storage space. Additionally, there is an option to add extra drawers up to a limit of 4 to store the clothes and sheets in an organized manner. The management of the belongings became easy with efficient storage options.

Mattress Deal:

However, the enhanced comfort is provided by the comfortable mattresses available at Beds and Sofas. Customers have the free will to choose from the wide range of mattresses available at our store with additional discount if ordered in deal with the bed. This deal offers the perfect combination of elite-class mattresses with the luxury of chesterfield upholstery at affordable prices.

Additional Information:

Brand Beds and Sofas
Colour Black, Grey and on-demand Champagne
Legs Chrome Legs
Upholstery Plush Velvet Fabric 
Design Chesterfield Tufted Details 
Headboard Tufted Headboard
Style Modern
Material Fabric



  • It is available in different colours and sizes.
  • Compatible with the safety standards of the UK.i.e, UK Fire Safety Complaint.


Common Dimensions for All Sizes  Double Frame
Headboard Height: 50.8cm

Base Height:

With Drawers:58.4cm

Without Drawers: 53.3cm

Length: 190cm

Width: 140cm

Double Mattress Size: (140cmx190 cm)



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