Crush Velvet Original Astral Sleigh Bed

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Crush Velvet Original Astral Sleigh Bed is the ultimate symbol of perfection and luxury. The luxurious design is a mixture of multiple features that make it compatible with modern-day rooms. The different designs are blended in a single unit in this product. There is no doubt that it is a grand piece for your room to add extra luxury. The comfort provided is exemplary. The sleigh design has the perfect meaning in the additional comfort that is provided. It is the best option to spend quality time with complete comfort. It replenishes the conventional relationship of the sleigh with cherished moments when fathers used to put their kids in the sleigh. Furthermore, it is the perfect solution for all the desires related to comfort. The softness of crushed velvet and the fine design make it a perfect choice for quality time.

Design Elements of Crush Velvet Original Astral Sleigh Bed:

Several traditional and modern designs are combined in this product for adding value. The design is a perfect treat for the eyes due to its attractiveness and grand made. Modern aesthetics meet the traditional touch, and it bridges the gap between them. The frame promotes freedom of mind due to its sleigh design, this design is perfect for those who do not believe isolated and are fond of wandering. It is a perfect reflection of freedom and promotes freedom of thought.

It offers a wide range of features due to the uniqueness of its design. The motivational design is perfect for the daily boost in the morning. It is ideal for sound sleep. This product provides the necessary motivation for a great morning. The cherished times can be spent with complete luxury with this product. It provides the necessary amount of energy for great accomplishments.

Astral Sleigh Bed With Crush Velvet Fabric Softness:

The soft touch of crushed velvet fabric is offered in this deal. Crush velvet is the symbol of extra softness that comes in this deal. The fine fabric and soft sensation allows the sleeper to have a better sleeping experience. The warm and comfortable environment created by crushed velvet maintains a cosy atmosphere for sleeping. The fabric allows the design to pass the test of time. The softness of crushed velvet provides the best sleeping experience and this makes the customers choose this product to bring meaning to their imaginations. This fabric provides extra strength to the design to face all types of hazards. The key reason to prefer this fabric is its ability to fight all the hazards. It has special properties against dust and stains. The smooth feel of the fabric makes this deal highly demandable. It is one of the best options to invest in because it has all the necessary features to match the style and comfort demands of the customers.

Availability of Colours:

This product is available in black, silver and on-demand champagne colours. Black adds to the authority of the room and is highly in demand when choosing for this grand piece. Silver is the best colour for velvet because it defines the minute details and the design, this colour is also a treat to the eyes because of its personal compatibility with the velvet fabric. The silver colour reflects elegance and decency that is relieved by the velvety touch in the upholstery. The colour range also includes on-demand champagne colour. The champagne colour is for those who want to spice up their relationship with the comfortability of velvet. The warmth of this colour is heart pleasing and brings positive vibes. This colour is the best fit for bringing romance back into your life and achieving new levels in the relationship.

Luxurious Chesterfield Design:

The chesterfield design brings life to the high headboard and the overall softness of the crushed velvet. The smooth feel and the royal look of chesterfield upholstery are the premium features that are offered in this deal. The posh feel of velvet is beautifully textured in diamond diamanté design to add extra luxury to the overall look. The grandness of this centrepiece speaks itself with all the features of luxury. All these features are offered in an affordable price range, making this deal a special one.

Standard and Optional Features:

It comes with rubberwood legs by default to provide better stability and a ravishing look. The customer can also opt for chrome legs to increase the style profile. Sleigh type bed belongs to a family of platform bed collections. The headboard itself is charming and adds extra beauty to the look. The customers can have the perfect opportunity to feel the softness of the headboard while watching the television or reading a book.
Discount Offer:

Special discount is available on the price of the mattress if it is ordered with the deal. Both the products are delivered at a discounted price if ordered in the same deal. This can save time and money and both the products will reach on time to assemble. The mattresses offered are of different categories, namely, orthopaedic mattresses, semi-orthopaedic mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses and many more, as per the demand of the customers.

Easy Assembly:

It is easy to assemble by following simple steps. All the steps are mentioned in the instructions manual that is delivered with the box. This feature also attracts the customers to choose this deal because it saves a lot of time and effort.

Product Information:

Brand Beds and Sofas
Colour Black, Silver and On-Demand Champagne
Design Crushed Velvet Upholstery
Headboard Chesterfield Design and Diamanté Studs
Legs Rubberwood Legs
Suitable Mattresses Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam
Type Sleigh
Fabric Crushed Velvet



  • Delivered in Flatpack
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


Common Dimensions for All Sizes Double Frame King Frame
Headboard Height = 127cm

Footboard Height = 55.8cm

Length = 205cm

Width = 155cm

Double Mattress Size = 140cm x 190cm

Length = 215cm

Width = 165cm

King Mattress Size = 150cm x 200cm


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