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The Divan Bed of Beds and Sofas is a classic addition to your room whether it is a single divan bed, double or small double divan bed.  It comes in multiple sizes and colours to fulfil the needs of every customer. The design of this product is perfect to meet the comfort of our mattresses and give a sensational experience to the sleeper. It perfectly blends into the interior and is great for those who believe in simplicity. The manufacturer has made it from hardwood to stand the test of time. The frame has box-spring bases which add to the level of comfort.

Design of Divan Bed:

We offer our divan bed in various sizes and colours. The colours include Black, White, and Grey, adding a traditional touch with innovation. Use of Solid Hard Wood in the base provides extra strength to the frame. It is an economical deal that adds elegance to your room. The colours are main ingredients add to the aesthetics of the product.

Single Divan Bed:

Single Divan Bed provides comfort with luxury. The mattress provides a relaxing experience for the sleeper in attaining sound sleep. single divan bed offers a luxurious touch to the overall look. The soft cushiony surface provides the best sleeping experience at an affordable price. The placement of pillows and cushions can add Extra enhancements to the look.

Double Divan Bed:

Box Spring base is used in a double base for the stability of double divan bed frame. Box springs allow better support than slats, and that is why they are preferred. The pressure cushioning ability makes it unique from others. It is ideal for deep sleep with premium headboard features and chrome legs. The affordability of the deal makes it ideal for purchasing in the whole UK. The comfort level provided is beyond the imagination.
The double variant comes with an option of 4 storage drawers in the base. The base is made up of hardwood that is perfectly upholstered for an elegant look. The drawers in the base allow for storing the extra mess. Most of the houses in the UK are short on space and this is the perfect solution for the management of extra goods in your room. The storage drawers allow for managing the sheets and extra clothes.

Small Double Divan Bed:

Elegance combines with style in the small double divan bed variant. It fulfils the need for extra space while sleeping because it is bigger than the single and smaller than the double. This feature makes it fit for those who want to lay freely for some extra comfortable time. It allows reaching new levels of comfort due to its fine make and use of a spring base. The wide range of mattresses allows for adding more comfort. It comes with the feature of 2 to 4 storage drawers that allow putting the extra things of the room in the storage drawers. This ability of the small double makes it superior to others available on the market. It comes with two bases that allow the customer to assemble and disassemble easily.

Upholstery with Movable Wheels:

The smooth upholstery of Single Divan Bed with movable wheels allows comfortability with mobility. You can relocate it at any site due to its mobility factor. The wheels at the bottom of the base help you to place anywhere with greater ease. It has a high-quality chipboard base that is upholstered to add a luxurious touch to life. It is one of the most customizable products that we offer.

Mattress and Headboard Selection:

Different types of headboards are available with divan bed. The customer can choose the headboard according to their choice. The headboard provides the option to match the settings. The choice of mattress is purely dependent on the customer. A wide range of mattresses with discounts on the price is available. It is the ultimate package that provides a luxurious range of affordable products. It is compact as well as affordable at the same time.

Colours of Divan Bed that are Offered:

Currently, divan bed is available in white, black, and grey colour. Grey depicts wisdom and easily blends in with all types of interiors. White colour is for those who ignite new starts, and black brings authority to your room. The customer’s choice depends on the theme of the interior that they want to achieve with affordability.

Sale and Offers:

Combined with a mattress, it is undoubtedly the most economical deal to facilitate the customers with the best price. A discount is offered on the mattress’s price if ordered with the divan bed. This discount can be availed by ordering a mattress and bed in a single order. The perfect combination of the mattress allows the customer to avail huge discounts.

Product Information:

It comes in sizes like single, small-double, double, and king. Each size comes with storage drawers ranging from two to four with storage capacity to store extra clutter. The colours offered are white, black and grey.


It has the option of two or four storage drawers in the base.
Available in different colours.
Designed according to the UK’s safety standards, i.e., UK Fire Safety Complaint.

Optional Features:

The optional features include choosing the right type of mattress and headboard to meet the style needs of your room. Chrome legs can be added to the base but this modification can be done on demand.

Classy Headboard:

It has an option of a classical headboard that can be attached as an optional feature. The overall look is made more luxurious with the help of a custom headboard that is adopted for extra comfort and an enhanced look.

Chrome Legs or Lockable Wheels:

By default, it comes with wheels. These wheels can be easily locked into place for sleeping. If a change in position is needed, then wheels are a handy option to move freely in the room. If the style is needed instead of mobility, then the customer can also opt for the option of chrome legs. Chrome legs add a supreme look to the overall appearance.



Common Dimensions for All Sizes  Single Frame Small Double Frame Double Frame  King size Frame  Super King Size Frame 
Headboard Height: 50.8cm


Base Height 

With drawers: 58.4cm


Base Height Without drawers: 53.3cm




Width: (90 cm)


Single Mattress Size: (90cmx190cm)


(190 cm)


Width: (120cm)


Small Double Mattress Size: (120cmx190cm)


(190 cm)



(140 cm)


Double Mattress Size: (140cmx190cm)


(200 cm)



(150 cm)


Double Mattress Size: (150cmx200cm)


(200 cm)



(180 cm)


Double Mattress Size: (180cmx200cm)




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