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The fabric upholstered fabric divan bed is a premium quality product offered by Beds and Sofas. It comes in multiple sizes and colours. The sizes offered are single, small double, double, and king. The colours that are used for upholstery are white, black, and grey. Grey symbolises the balance between white and black, and it beautifies the interior theme of the room with elegance and decency. The ability of black to blend in any kind of room theme gives this colour authority in the overall arrangement and is also a great addition to the room.

White symbolises a fresh start, and this colour is for those who are ambitious to start new projects in their life. The upholstery allows adding a luxurious touch to the overall appearance. The base is perfectly upholstered with high-quality fabric that enhances the softness and elegance.

Quality of Fabric Divan Bed:

The base is made up of fine quality chipboard that is upholstered with premium fabric material to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the base. The base comes in two parts that are clipped together for easy assembly. It allows the customer to move more easily from one part of the room to another.

Upholstered Headboard Fabric Divan Bed:

The top-quality headboard with perfect upholstering is the prominent feature of fabric divan bed. It allows adding a luxurious touch and increases its style appeal. A perfectly upholstered headboard and frame are the best features of this deal under an affordable price range. The best option is to sit back and relax in the evening, read a storybook/novel, or watch tv; these all are the benefits of the headboard in this product. Premium quality upholstering of the headboard further improves the importance and comfort level.

Optional Chrome Legs:

Genuinely, fabric divan bed comes with lockable wheels, but there is an option to add chrome legs instead of wheels if the customer is more conscious of style than mobility. The chrome legs add to the beauty and are a perfect element of luxury that is added as an option to this product.


Additional Information:

Brand  Beds and Sofas
Colour White, Black and Grey 
Legs Wheels (Included), Chrome Legs (Optional)
Upholstery Fabric
Headboard Optional 
Style  Modern 
Material  High Quality Chipboard


Sleek and minimalist look.
Platform top divan base.
Smooth finishing for extra comfort.
Available in different sizes and colours.
According to the safety standards, i.e., UK Fire Safety Complaint.


Common Dimensions for All Sizes  Single Frame Small Double Frame Double Frame  King Frame  Super King Frame 
Headboard Height: 50.8cm


Base Height 

With drawers: 58.4cm


Base Height Without drawers: 53.3cm




Width: (90 cm)


Single Mattress Size: (90cmx190cm)


(190 cm)


Width: (120cm)


Small Double Mattress Size: (120cmx190cm)


(190 cm)



(140 cm)


Double Mattress Size: (140cmx190cm)


(200 cm)



(150 cm)


Double Mattress Size: (150cmx200cm)


(200 cm)



(180 cm)


Double Mattress Size: (180cmx200cm)



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