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The uniqueness and the eye-catching design that appeals to the custombeders are the features of luxury leather beds. We at “Beds and Sofas” are offering these beds at competitive rates . The high quality creates a spectacular leather beds that enables customers to fulfil their desires at an affordable price. This enriches the traditional frame by adding a decent finishing. The sleek design at the corners with full neatness makes this product unique and appealing. It is irresistible because it triggers the inner feelings of being unique and superior. We maintain high quality standards for meeting the durability factor.

The long life is what customers demand from leather beds; we are trying our best to provide high-quality standards for maintaining superior quality. The durable construction of our products makes them distinctive from all others in the market. The guaranteed good night’s sleep is a prominent feature of our products.

Available Colours of Leather Beds:

Currently we offer leather beds in black and brown colours only. These colours are perfect and can easily become a part of any room. Room interiors support these colours because this product has natural colours that easily synchronise with any type of interior decor theme. These colours reflect the living style of a person; black and brown colours reflect simplicity and love for nature. Naturally, we all are biassed towards the selection of brown or black colour when choosing a theme; therefore, these two colours reflect our instinct and bias toward brown.

Prominent Features of Leather Beds:

Classical Stitching and Luxurious Headboard:

Classical stitching of leather beds is a premium feature in this deal. It is a top product with perfect stitching of faux leather.  One of the classical headboards enables the customer to feel the luxury of having perfectly stitched leather in their room. Redefined simplicity with elegance make this product look amazing.

Stitches are the smallest part of this product, but fine stitching is the major part that urges the customer to choose it. The headboard is the perfect place to lean against, and the classical headboard is one of the finest places to lean. One can have all these features in a single deal if they choose this offer.

Low Foot End for Illusion of Space in the Room:

The tall headboard with a comparatively low foot end is the perfect match for creating the illusion of vastness and extra space in your room. It allows the customer to feel the room to be extra wide with its fine made and low foot end design. The room looks more spacious and natural with the addition of leather beds.

Sprung Base for Extra Comfort:

The presence of sprung slates at the base of leather beds provides the necessary comfort for customers of every type. The slates help in temperature control and increase the amount of comfort. The design of this product is perfect to induce a better sleep experience with your leather bed. This offer is available at our company in an affordable price range. A variety of mattresses are provided. There is a special discount on the overall price along with the mattress. The simple and genuine upholstery provides an ultimate look to make it an all-time favourite. Leather is a very precious material, but with the help of faux leather, we can deliver the goods without a hefty budget.  This deal is suitable for economically experiencing luxury.

The sprung slats base supports the mattress, allowing the person to sleep comfortably. Extra comfort is added with this supportive feature for an enhanced sleeping experience. The economic deal of leather beds with mattresses, allows a special discount on the price of mattresses. Mattresses are available in a huge variety on our platform to facilitate the customers with discount offers.

Stain Resisting Properties:

It is easy to clean with a piece of cloth without any damage.

The stain-resisting property empowers it to remain clean throughout its lifespan.

Stainless Steel Components:

The steel components are used in the frame and base. The stainless steel components don’t rust with time and guarantee a long life with extra endurance against damages.


Following are the specifications, thus making their way towards the prime choice of persons who want to enjoy the luxury.

Easy to Assemble:

The box has a manual that defines all the assembling steps with diagrams. The assembly is easy and time-saving. With proper tools, leather bed can be assembled with greater ease.


It is covered with faux leather to add luxurious appeal. The actual cost is comparatively less; therefore, an economical product under an affordable price range is introduced to fulfill customers’ desires.

Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant:

It is designed per the safety standards, including UK Fire Safety Compliant standards. This makes it hazard-free and compatible with household use.



Common Dimension for all Sizes Single Bed Frame: Small Double Bed  Frame: Double Bed Frame: King Size Bed Frame:
Headboard Height: 101.6 cm


Footboard height: 33 cm

Length: (205 cm)


Width: (105 cm)


Single Mattress 

Size: (90cmx190cm)

Length: (205 cm)


Width: (135 cm)


Small Double Mattress Size: (120cm x 190cm)

Length: (205 cm)

Width: (155 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140cmx190cm)

Length: (215 cm)

Width: (165 cm)

King Mattress Size: (150cmx200cm)



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