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Innovation is combined with elegance with the new range of willow ottoman bed at Beds & Sofas. It comes with an additional feature of an ottoman unit to fulfil the storage needs of the customers. To stand the test of time, high-quality materials are used. The ideal design is provided, particularly for extra comfort and long life. Within a reasonable price range, the two positive features are durability and comfort. If you order with a mattress, you will receive a special discount. The storage unit meets the customers’ storage requirements. The extra clutter in the room, as well as the sheets and other belongings, can be easily stored in the storage unit. The unit is capable enough to store all your sheets and provide a neat and tidy look to your room. The elegant look enhances the interior theme of the room by blending in with the theme of the room.

This is a beauty, and it is an offer that everyone should avail for adding a perfect willow ottoman bed for their rooms. It comes with fabric upholstery that enhances the comfort level. The additional comfort provided enhances the value for sound sleep. The ultimate sleeping companion, with the extra softness of the upholstered fabric, is available at an affordable price. The storage unit has the capacity to store all the extras of the room to give a neat and tidy look to the room interior. The elegant look increases the overall decor of the room.

Specially Designed Willow Ottoman Bed Frame Qualities:

Sprung willow slates are available in the frame for the ottoman bed to increase the natural flexibility and comfort level. The natural design of the sprung slats and their ability to produce recoil to compensate for the load of the sleeper with extra comfort raises the comfort level. The sleeper experiences a deep sleep with complete comfort due to the flexibility. The metallic frame serves as a sturdy foundation for the sprung slates. The strong metallic frame increases the durability. The storage unit makes use of gas lift technology to easily lift the frame. The gas lift technology makes it feasible for those customers who want complete operation ability with innovative design. The smooth mode of operation of gas lifters is a positive feature that makes it the prime choice of customers.

The Frame of Willow Ottoman Bed and Its Design:

The fascinating frame is a prominent feature willow ottoman bed that attracts customers the most. This frame is the perfect blend between class and innovation. It reflects perfection in its frame, and the frame adds to this perfection by providing the best look from every angle. The comfort level and the stability are the most prominent features in this deal. It is upholstered with fabric for an additional level of comfort. It also fulfils the modern-day needs of space by providing an ottoman unit under the mattress to keep things organised. The storage unit is the best feature that increases the utility. All of these benefits are available at a reasonable cost. This is the best deal on the market because it provides style, comfort, and utility at an affordable price.

The Fabric of Willow Ottoman Bed:

It is elegantly upholstered in high-quality fabric to provide additional comfort and softness to the sleeper. The customer can have the soft experience of fine quality fabric with the additional ottoman unit for keeping things well organised. It comes with the option of a customizable headboard to meet the style needs of the customers. The beautiful design of the custom-made headboard adds to the beauty. The conventional style meets with the innovativeness of the willow with the additional comfort levels and storage options.

The Balance of Grey:

The Grey colour reflects the perfect balance between white and black. The balanced colour tone makes it perfect for those who live their life with perfect balance. Perfection in life can be attained through great balance, as represented by the grey colour. One most prominent feature of grey colour is that it easily blends with the interior of the room and is stain resistant. It is no doubt the best offer to invest for availing comfort with utility.

Ottoman Unit:

It comes with the option of a storage compartment, mostly called an ottoman unit. The ottoman unit fulfils the storage needs of the customers. This feature makes it ideal for those houses which are short on space. The storage unit provides an efficient solution to all the storage needs of the customers and helps keeping things organised to provide a neat look to the room.

What Comes In The Box?

The box comes with all the necessary parts for assembly. The package also contains headboards and sprung slates. If the mattress is ordered with the deal then a special discount is offered on the price of the mattress. It comes with a complete instruction manual to facilitate the customer for easy assembly. It is easy to assemble and this is also one of the positive features.


Box Size                               BOX 1 and weight               Box 2 and weight



152*113*10cm       16KGS 

165*113*10cm       18KGS 

195*113*10cm        22KGS   

199*30*21CM       23KGS

209*30*21CM       25KGS

209*30*21CM       27.5KGS

Product Size:

Double 4FT6: L207 x W146 x H110 cm
King Size – 5FT: – L217 x W159 x H110 cm,
Super King Size 6FT: – L217 x W189 x H110cm


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