Plush Velvet Astral Sleigh Storage Bed

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Plush Velvet Original Astral Sleigh storage Bed is a reflection of perfection and luxury. This luxurious product is a combination of various elements that make it compatible with current style trends. The various designs are mixed in a single unit in this item. It is a best piece for your room to add a luxurious touch. The design is excellent. The sleigh product has the ideal importance in the extra comfort that is offered by the bed. The best course of action is to spend both time and money on total comfort. It revitalises the connection between the sleigh’s design and priceless instances when fathers used to load their kids into the sleigh. Everybody who seeks both comfort and luxury at the same time should find it to be the perfect solution. The softness of plush velvet makes it an ideal decision for quality time.

Elements of Plush Velvet Original Astral Sleigh Storage Bed:

Current style trends are offered in this astral sleigh storage bed for adding extra value to it. This product is an ideal treat because of its best quality and fine made.  The frame allows freedom of mind because of its sleigh design. It is ideal for those people who don’t accept boundaries and are fond of wandering. It is an ideal impression of freedom and allows for freedom of thought.

This astral sleigh storage bed offers many perks because of the uniqueness of its design. The design is ideal for the everyday boost towards the beginning of the day. It is great for sound sleep. This product gives vital inspiration for an incredible morning. The good times can be enjoyed with complete luxury with this product. It gives vital energy for extraordinary achievements.

Plush Velvet Fabric Astral Sleigh Storage Bed:

The delicate touch of plush velvet texture is presented in this deal. Plush velvet is the element of additional softness astral sleigh storage bed. The fine texture and delicate sensation allow the sleeper to have the best resting experience. The warm and cosy atmosphere formulated by plush velvet maintains a comfortable environment for sleeping. The velvet allows for passing the test of time. The fine quality of plush velvet offers the best sleeping experience. The velvet gives additional strength. The capacity of plush velvet resolve all types of issues. It has unique properties against dust and stains. The smooth feel of the velvet makes this product highly demandable. It is one of the most outstanding choices to invest in. It has all the vital elements to match the style and comfort requirements of the customers.

Plush Velvet Astral Sleigh Storage Bed Colour:

It is offered in grey colour. Given that it captures the fundamental hue of velvet, grey is the ideal colour for velvet. Because it complements the velvet texture, this colour is a treat for the eyes. The balance and elegance that the soft touch of the upholstery offers are reflected in the grey colour. This colour is the best fit for accomplishing new levels in relationships.

Lavish Chesterfield Design:

The chesterfield design uplifts the look of the high headboard and the softness of the plush velvet. The smooth feel and the imperial look of chesterfield upholstery are the top-notch qualities included in this deal. The luxurious feel of velvet is perfectly upholstered with a diamond diamanté design to add additional luxury to the look. The grandness of this bed talks itself with the perfect elements of luxury. These features are presented at a reasonable cost, making this product an extraordinary one.

Organise with Ottoman Unit:

It comes with complete utility and is handy for those who are short on space. The fine design of plush velvet with extra comfort level increases the value. This centrepiece is perfect for modern rooms because it offers a better solution to the storage options of the customer. The ottoman unit allows for storing the wearables and sheets. The extra clutter of the room can be placed in an organised manner in the ottoman unit.

Standard and Optional Features:

It accompanies rubberwood legs to give better stability. The customer can pick chrome legs to add a premium look. The sleigh bed belongs to the platform bed type. The luxurious headboard adds magnificence to the look. The customers can have the ideal chance to feel the softness of the headboard in this deal.

Discount Offer:

Beds and Sofas offer a wide range of mattresses. If the order is done with the mattress, there is a huge discount given to the customer. The facilitation of the customer by discounting the mattress price is available at our store. Mattresses are available in various selections, including pocket sprung, orthopaedic and other mattresses.

Simple Assembly:

It is easy to assemble by following simple steps. All the steps are mentioned in the instructions manual that is delivered with the box. This feature also attracts the customers to choose this deal because it saves a lot of time and effort.

Product Information:

Brand Beds and Sofas
Colour Grey
Design Crushed Velvet Upholstery 
Headboard Chesterfield Design and Diamanté Studs
Legs Rubberwood Legs
Suitable Mattresses Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam
Type Sleigh Storage Bed
Fabric Crushed Velvet



  • Delivered in Flatpack
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


Common Dimensions for All Sizes Double Frame King Frame 
Headboard Height = 127cm

Footboard Height = 55.8cm

Length = 205cm

Width = 155cm

Double Mattress Size = 140cm x 190cm

Length = 215cm

Width = 165cm

King Mattress Size = 150cm x 200cm




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