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The best quality Yate Chenille Fabric Ottoman Bed is offered at Beds and Sofas. The fine made, and soft touch of chenille fabric are the prominent features that make it the best choice for those who want to bring style to their rooms with additional comfort value. It provides a good night’s sleep and is the ultimate companion of sound sleep. The fine fabric touch induces the feeling of softness for an additional comfort level. It allows storing the extra clutter of the room in the ottoman unit. The ottoman unit allows for the storage of sheets and clothes, allowing for better space management. In the UK, there is a problem with extra space in the house. Yate caters to this problem by providing an ottoman unit for managing the space options in the homes. Another notable feature that influences customers’ decisions to choose it as their top choice is its affordability. It has a gorgeous design that blends in with the interior of the space.

Features of Yate Chenille Fabric Bed:

It combines the affordability of the Yate with the utility of the ottoman unit. The addition of the fabric upholstery to the softness makes it the ideal sleeping companion.

Yate Fabric Bed Frame Quality:

Durability is the key factor to take into account when designing any product. It comes with a solid wooden frame with stainless-steel components for adding extra endurance to the structure. The solid frame provides stability to the whole structure and the steel components do the magic in making it far better than others. The frame is specifically created to offer the products the support and design they require.

Yate Chenille Fabric Bed Upholstery:

The excellent blend of comfort and beauty is provided to this yate ottoman bed with the softness of chenille fabric. The fabric adds extra softness and provides a good night’s sleep experience. Additional comfort provided by fabric upholstery makes it a perfect choice for those who want a good sleeping experience. The softness, makes it the ultimate choice of the customers under an affordable price range. There is no doubt that this product is the best option if comfort is the key concern.

Ottoman Unit:

Yate Chenille Fabric Bed is compatible with all the modern needs and provides enough room for clothes and sheets in the ottoman unit. Everything that can be placed in the unit fits properly in the ottoman unit. The storage space is provided that makes it compatible with every kind of room. This feature allows for managing the belongings efficiently and provides an organised setting for the room. The items can be arranged in the unit in an orderly fashion, and they are conveniently reachable with little effort. The gas-lift technology is used for lifting and the storage compartment is revealed to place the extra clutter in the room. If you are short on storage space, this is the best option to keep your belongings organized at a low cost.

Bed with Mattress Deal:

A special discount is provided if the bed is ordered with a mattress in the same deal. A huge variety of mattresses are available including orthopaedic mattresses, semi -orthopaedic mattresses, pocket sprung, and much more. If the mattress is ordered along with the deal, the discount is provided. This deal is the best offer to avail huge discount


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Storage Space
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Various Sizes


Size Box 1 and Weight Box 2 and Weight





137*119.5*8CM       13.5KGS


152*119.5*8CM        15KGS 


165*119.5*8CM        17KGS 

199*30*22CM         24.5KGS


199*30*22CM         25KGS


209*30*22CM        26.5KGS



Product Size:

4FT – L203 x W132 x H100 cm, 4FT6 – L203 x W146 x H100 cm, 5FT – L213 x W159 x H100cm


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